Hello and a very warm welcome to Right Hand Woman.

In modern age, it seems most people are feeling pretty stretched between juggling both their family commitments and their forever-increasing work demands (leaving very little time for enjoyment themselves in the process!)

Does this sound familiar to you?  I have the solution!  

Imagine handing over some, or perhaps all of the projects on your ‘to do list’, which you simply can’t find the spare time to do – to someone you can totally trust. To someone who is an experienced professional, who is discreet, loyal and supportive. To someone who is adaptable, who pays attention to detail and who will keep you fully informed at every stage of the planning & organisation of your event or special project and indeed, who will never let you down and finally – who will always deliver your project / event on time.  

Have you ever considered employing your very own Right Hand Woman?!

My passion in life – is organising.  With over 20+ years of organising in a variety of differing genres, I believe I have all the ‘transferable skills’ and professional experience required to help you. Very little will faze me, so the more varied your project, or the more logistically-complicated your event – the more I thrive on embracing the new challenge.

One of my longest standing client’s has dubbed me her ‘Action Woman’ and another client recently gave me the title of ‘My Right Hand Woman in shining armour’…. I wonder what title you’ll bestow upon me, once I’ve helped successfully delivered your project?

Turning your ‘to do’ lists – into ‘wh-hoo’ lists!

I fully believe I am able to help ease your restless nights, worrying about ‘how you’ll ever get through your to do lists’. Let me take a few of those projects off your shoulders and turn your ‘to do lists’ – into a ‘wh-hoo list’!

Let’s Talk!  I would love to hear from you – please pick up your telephone or drop me an email and let’s arrange a convenient time & place for us to meet, enjoy a friendly chat and tell me how I can help give you back precious time …so YOU can have a little more FUN in your life too! 

Nicki John – Right Hand Woman
Events, Weddings and Project Management

@ my desk: 01872 858 449 / nicki@righthandwoman.co.uk /
On the move: 07971 481 363 / nicki.john007@gmail.com

Giving you back precious time